Tulsa Flag Tshirt

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The blue field symbolizes the Arkansas River, and the many resources it has provided throughout our history and today. The horizontal line represents the 1901 discovery of oil, the “black gold” that brought substantial growth and commerce to this land. The shield represents the Native American tribes of this region – both native to Oklahoma and those forced to relocate here. It is also a nod to the Oklahoma state flag. Within the shield, the red circle represents the blood shed and lives lost during the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre that destroyed Black Wall Street, the most prosperous African American community in the country. The beige star at the center represents Tulsa’s bright future. A nod to Tulsa's Art Deco architecture, it shows that we heal from past wounds and continue to flourish as an icon of a uniquely American city. The beige field represents the warmth and community commonly found in Tulsa.

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