Tulsa Snow Globe

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For too long Tulsa went without a snow globe. There have been big name companies like Saak's Fifth Avenue and some others who have produced snow globes in the past leaving Tulsans to wonder where they went and why they were no longer for sale. We had to put an end to the madness so we partnered up with The Queen of Snow Globes and produced the very first snow globe we've ever made. This is for you Tulsa! We're proud to present you with this long awaited and favorited snow globe!

Featured Buildings include: Center of the Universe Statue, BOK Tower, The Blue Dome, Boston Avenue Church, University Tower, Chase Tower, Midcontinent, Atlas, Philtower, Philcade, Mayo Hotel and BOK Center

| A 28-12-2017 16:57

Excellent addition to my office located in south Tulsa!

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